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Nikon D7100 vs Pentax K-5 II S

There have been a number of Pentax users who have requested that we compare the Pentax K-5 II S(http://bit.ly/K-5IIs) vs the Nikon D7100(http://bit.ly/1srTbbu). So, here it is...with Lok and Kai doing the comparison between these two mid-level DSLRs.

Pricing Reference:
Pentax K-5 II S: http://www.digitalrev.com/product/pentax-k-5-iis-body/MTAwMTMxOQ_A_A
Pentax K-5 II: http://www.digitalrev.com/product/pentax-k-5-ii-body/MTAwMTMxNg_A_A
Nikon D7100: http://www.digitalrev.com/product/nikon-d7100-dslr-camera-body/MTAwMjQ0MQ_A_A

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Gavin ``` : 0:19 first time "SIMP" was used ever ...
everyday tenor : Ricoh marketing is the only issue....otherwise Pentax is amazing.
LEGOTROLL1 : long live PENTAX !
Hariz Izzudin : here in my place if you arent into photography chances are you'll never know that pentax exists
aa : Just let them grab Pentax K5 with their own hand, and compared it to Canikon on the same class (or precisely, the same price-range), there's no contest.
Red Cuffs : Guys, a really good review. Informative and entertaining. Keep up with this format and standard. Well done.
Donovan Tyler : in this basic test, the ISO wasn't done entirely correct, straight the camera, I agree. In post both are about the same, especially since you don't need to go that high via ISO to get the same image but have more light and less noise.
Derek Gillan : Looking back to this video, it is interesting that Nikon quality control has gone down, there are many problems with Nikon cameras. Recall, denial, unhappy loyal customers. Why not a mass movement to another brand, GLASS! accessories etc. Nikon are loosing approx. 26% of the market each year and getting worse.Pentax might be worth looking at.
Gabriel Still : Love the video guys very creative
Al M : Tried em both. Pentax any day.

영상으로 보는 펜탁스 DSLR 카메라 'K-5 II'

펜탁스의 신형 중급기인 K-5 II와 K-5 IIs는 많은 유저에게 사랑 받았던 K-5의 업그레이드 모델이다. 1628만 화소 CMOS센서와 51200의 ISO, 방진방적 등의 장점을 가지면서도 특히 AF 모듈의 업그레이드를 통해 한 층 성능을 업그레이드 했다.

K-5 II와 K-5 IIs에 채용된 SAFOX X AF센서는 AF 저휘도 한계를 -3EV까지 확대해 어두운 곳에서의순간 초점 포착 능력을 비약적으로 향상시켰다. 또한 Air Gapless LCD를 채용하여 보다 깨끗한 이미지 확인이 가능하다.

K-5 IIs는 더욱 선명한 이미지를 위해 로우패스 필터를 제거한 버전으로 소비자의 선택의 폭을 넓혔다는 점도 주목할 만하다.

Pentax K-5 iis First Impressions

The Pentax K-5 iis is here and things are looking very good so far! Music by Dan-O at DanoSongs.com and all photography by Edward Thomas)
Ray Geary : Yes Fuji here!! raw need s. Irendent. Delevolper Interested in Pentax.
bootleg28 : Hi love your videos i just picked up a k5 and was wondering what's a good zoom sports lens
Jonathan Edwards : Love your videos...and, your reviews are pretty much spot on. I LOVE my k5 IIs, and with the limited lenses it's a bad ass camera. Cheers!
Armen Chiloyan : Hello, Ed I really like Your perspective on the cameras, and no bs pixel peeper mentality. I just ordered Pentax k5 iis and would like to ask you if this camera is good enough for paying geeks. I only have the Canon 30d with 50 f1.4 but it's very limiting. I had to sell my 5d ii and iii but things happen, and want to get back into shooting. Sorry I m sure you get this a lot, just wanted your opinion on the image quality and the ad.
George Morley : Went out with my dad and his new k5iis on the weekend...the landscape photos this thing produces are unbelievable. What a really good camera this is. Really pleasant to shoot with. Intuitive, well built, well designed, easy to get good results very quickly. Considering swapping out my nikon dx system for Pentax now. Seriously!
Shamel Gataje : thank you :-)
after using it for a while now ... could you please tell us if you recommend it
L J : If I was to choose just one pro photographer or camera reviewer to make me want to buy a camera solely on his reviews, it would be Mr Thomas. I'd call him the Robert De Niro of the photographic world, tell it like it is, no non-sense, straight to the point, down to earth and honest opinions based on his respected experiences. Mr Thomas, you are a man's man.
mehdi mudassir : Hi! First of all I love your reviews. I was about to go for a Canon 6D full frame camera when I decided to switch gears and go for the K-5ii S. I have a question though. The Pentax branded Speedlites available for the K-5ii s are very expensive and the generic ones such as Yongnuo and Zeiko are available for $50-100. Which one would you recommend if I want one on a budget and is P-TTL compatible as well? Thanks!
BernhardRottweiler : I like your reviews. Your review of the Tamron 17-50 is great also.
I am not a Pro-Photographer and decided to go for the Pentax K-30 - I did not regret it, it is a great camera.
The fact that you cannot correct Front / Backfocus in the Menu of a Canon EOS 60D is shocking as my "Entry Level" :) K-30 is capable to do so and I would miss this feature very much.
Ignacio Godinez : I have been strongly attracted to Pentax always. I am about to purchase an oil-stained-sensor, crappy-service driven Nikon d7000. Pentax is better, but there is one very special particularity that just made me run from you guys: the brand could disappear tomorrow. Samsung invested heavily to rescue it, and they command Pentax now. The funny-phones guys managing the brand of my camera? I don't think so! Ok Nikon, make me repent, I know your customer service will make me curse as ever before!




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